All Current, Upcoming, and Unavailable Soundcore Products

Hello everyone. :wave: I’m AnkerInsider. While I am not affiliated with Anker in any way, I bring news to the community.

Soundcore has released countless products since its launch last April, so I have compiled a list of all of them (up-to-date as of September 27, 2019). Enjoy!



  • Flare S+ (Smart Speaker, $130, FCC)
  • Journey (Headband, $?, ?)
  • Liberty Air 2 (True Wireless, $99.99, October)
  • Liberty Neo 2 (True Wireless, $?, FCC)
  • Life 2 Neo (Headband, $?, ?)
  • Life Note (True Wireless, $?, October)
  • Life U2 (Neckband, $?, ?)
  • Mega (Speaker, $?, ?)
  • Spirit Dot 2 (True Wireless, $79.99, October)
  • Spirit X2 (True Wireless, $99.99, October)


  • Infini Mini (Soundbar)

If you ever have a question about any of Soundcore’s products, feel free to ask me!


I have a question that I meant to ask on the other community, but I guess here is better…

Why was the flare S+ cancelled?

P.s I think I’m going to refer to this community as the collective, and the other as the community. Just as a clarification for the future…


Glad I got an infini mini before they were discontinued lol

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Same here, I actually just moved mine from behind my computer screen to the front office. Now I can use it with the projector when we watch movies in there.

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I actually just changed it to say “Unavailable.” Can’t officially confirm that it’s been discontinued just yet.


Debating whether to wait for an upcoming TWS earbud syatem or pick up one already out now. Which ones do you guys run currently? Too many options to read through and I want a good mix of comfort and performance which doesnt seem to translate to all styles/brands.

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I would strongly advise waiting for some of the upcoming ones to be released.

Yea, I am really trying to. My inner tech demon is acreaming for new goods and it is hard to shut it up.

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Wait for the new arrivals, I own 3 of the current wireless earbuds and while they are good I feel they could be better. Hopefully the new ones will be better
Dont mind the one scratched off in red, it’s a competitors version

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@Tank Know the model, have the same version :wink:

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Still selling on Soundcore page

Is there a specific reason as to why the infini mini isn’t available anymore?
I just recently saw it and didn’t have a chance to pick it up.

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So @Insider, any info on the flare s+? Or is it a mystery

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Flare S+ has been removed from the website. I would guess it has to do with Amazon but I’m not sure.


To many similar products, creating confusion.

Soundcore type a, b, c, +, -
Why not getting focused on real problems and solve these.
NOT good taking this way.


That’s a bummer. :frowning:

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I listen to music at work about 6 - 7 hours a day anymore. Need comfortable in the long run. Will probably hold off until newer tech releases to decide then.

@Tank which ones to do you like the most so far? And do any/all of them allow for single earbud use while the other charges? I am really trying to ID what I want.

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I was using the liberty neos the most, that was u til I got the Sport air. The neos do allow for single ear pairing and use which also extends the battery operating time to almost 8 hours at roughly 70% volume. Even better if you have a Samsung phone as you can enable dual audio and have both paired to the phone for use…note that there may be a slight delay between both earbuds, but that didnt bother me and I got longer run time using them that way

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Ok thanks. I like the dual audio mode system tool as well, will have to see whether my LG has something similar, I do love the quad DAC, although its less effective on wireless devices.

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