All good with Liberty 3 Pro for me except this one LITTLE annoying thing!

I am a follower of Soundcore for the past 2 years and recently bought LP 3 (I also own Q30 and LA2 Pro.

Like all the audiophiles mentioned in their review/feedback, I am liking these earbuds very much comfortable fit for long hours, decent call quality, good fit, awesome sound, and stylish and improved look (compared to Liberty Pro 2). I took some 15 minutes to figure out the suitable silicone and wingtip for my ears - ALL GOOD.

But When I remove the earbuds from my ears, every single time, the tips are going reverse as I have shown in the below image, it is annoying to put it back all the time (Still it is soundcore I can manage). but what is my worry is, in the future after some wear and tear of the silicone tips, what if the bud tips come out of the earbuds? This might sound like a silly issue but I am thinking in a long run. Any suggestions or workarounds would be appreciated?


I think bud tips reverses because they are softer than usual. Because of that they provide additional comfort.


I’ve never had that happen to mine. Maybe try the next size smaller in tips?


I bought some of these from Aliexpress — they’re very comfy – find them more pleasant than Silicone


I would put some “baby oil” on these tips, so they will not fold down.

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I tried that, but sadly smaller eartips does not sit well in my ears. :frowning:

Sure, will give it a try after some days. thanks.

I suppose this model fits in the charging box
Others will not.
So customers should check this out before buying.

same thing happens to me. i found if I twist them while pulling out (reverse of putting in), it happens less. small price to pay for these fantastic buds.


Just bought mine and encountered the same problem. I switched from medium to small and it still happens. I am also doing the same thing to avoid it. Just twist in reverse before removing.