Almost Christmas

So it’s less that 7 weeks before Christmas.

Have you started shopping yet?
Or worse do you have any decorations up yet?

I’m started to prep for Xmas by making a list of gifts I need to buy - hopefully pick up a couple during Black Friday deals.

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I havent done a thing and dont plan on getting anything for another week or so.

Tree goes up a week after black Friday and if I time I will put lights up outside.

I didn’t think about Christmas plans yet

Some shopping, not much. Time to get on it I suppose.

I’m broke, so no shopping from me

Black Friday shopping will be done. Christmas tree this week. Outside next week.

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The wife and I will be heading down to London to grab some lovely gifts for the family coming over from New Zealand

Christmas decorations this early? Blasphemy

Agreed, Christmas should not go up until the day after Thanksgiving