Alternative temples for the Frames?

I have now the Frames model Cafe with correction glasses. Love them! But I wonder, if I can use alternative temples (I mean the hinged arm that rests over the ear). Or is the connection point compatible to other temple models from other vendors? Or is it possible or planned to make alternative temples available?
I could use these e.g. while charging the Frames. So I could still wear my correction glasses. Or if I am in a meeting where playing audio would be inappropriate etc.

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I suggest to send your idea to sell temples without frames to Soundcore by email

What we know - advice:

So the sides without audio you want?

No they are not commercially available now and the connector appears proprietary, no mention of any standard connector.

Worthwhile emailing Soundcore to get it on their radar and raise profile, they may have something they can tell you.


Soundcore could make sides without sound but that somewhat defeats the brand purpose (sound-less Soundcore?). They did make sound-less Soundcore Beatlights.

I expect the future direction will be towards slimmer sides, more AI voice control, improved microphones, and possibly the removal of the swappable fronts idea due to mechanical parts usually being a failure point - only they will know and probably won’t say.

I did mention it before as if you bought 3 or 4 of them, it would be nice to use the front frames as someone else is using the frames. For the short run, I would think not but it does not mean it will not happen in the future. Currently Soundcore website is running a survey about them selling prescription glasses. So as stated asked and you may receive

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Thanks everyone for your reply. I have send an e-mail to the sound core support team. This is their reply:

Regarding your question, please know our front frames can only be used with our own audio temples, and the connection point is not compatible to other temple models from other vendors, we currently do not have the plan to make alternative temples available. Also, we only have the one style of the temples now.
Please do not worry, we provide the 18-months warranty claim for the replacement, but we do not sell the temples separately now.

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Sounds like you have it sorted or at least you know there aren’t any other options.

Thanks for sharing their reply.

It’s exactly what I thought is their current position.

Doesn’t mean don’t ask! Asking help it happen, others may come along and ask similar and so prove a market.

I think they will move away from swappable parts, from an engineering perspective, but will need sufficient sales volume and warranty issues. Usually it is moving parts fail first. The insides electronics of the sides costs probably $20-$30 so they should be able to make cost of two full Frames same cost or less as a full Frame + front (currently $250).