Amazon Boom discount. - US

With the big boy of the booms coming out into the Boom Plus, a few sales are being seen with the Boom.


It shows Currently Unavailable to me. Probably that was great discount. Thanks

I’m seeing it on my end @VertigoXX. It’s on sale for $87.99 and available ($22 off the normal price). That’s a nice deal. :+1:


Somebody else had this in a different country. I had went to go just to see what it looked like on their link and it stated unavailable on my end. So it probably recognizes the IP address was in the US and thus is not available for my location…and Visa Versa.


I agree that it can be because of country, but usually I see product with price and notice that shipping is unailable.

I was in the car coming home from the trip and saw it. It is 22 dollars off which is ok but I wonder if it will go down more when the plus hits.

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Currently on sale in the UK too – £69.99 down from £94.99

Nice as well.

I will say that I do have a few speakers but limit it due to issues with youngest son.

But will say that with the Boom Plus I would probably be more interested in getting one just cause it would be the new version of the Boom Boxes we had as kids. :rofl:

A little silly though.

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