Amazon Live | Anker’s GIVEAWAY Celebration

:partying_face: Happy Anniversary!!! :partying_face:

It’s time to celebrate one year of Amazon Live! Even better is the fact that @SoundcoreAdam has planned a special “Rhymes with Schmivaway”! :grin:

Join the celebration at 5pm PT / 8pm ET - Watch here

As always, here’s a sneak preview of what will be featured:

Liberty Air 2 Pro

Life A2 NC

PowerCore Slim 10000 Power Bank

eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam

Anker Life A1

Flare Mini

PowerWave 3 in 1 Qi-Certified Stand

PowerWave 10 Dual Pad

Anker PowerExpand 4-in-1

eufy Security Smart Lock Touch

eufy Pet Water Fountain

RoboVac G30


Remember everyone that USA changes its timezone from winter to summer on a different date than most of the rest of northern hemisphere so for this week the difference is one hour less than normal.

So the UK for example this event is 12 midnight not the usual 1am.

As soon as the USA recognises The Queen, the Pound, and pays it taxes, we’ll have it all sorted as it should be. :wink:


Good catch for over the pond. Wish all regulars good luck if you get to be there.

Will say that I have seen most of the products but the Eufy Pet Water Fountain. Who knew? It is located under security section. Hmmm must have just overlooked it for the other items.

Great range of products to be seen for today.


I’m not saying anything about a dog watering device.



Maybe it’s me, but I wouldn’t hold my breath @The_Professor… HAHA…

Also wouldn’t hold my breath that we will start spelling things like the word “Favorite” with a “U” or call French Fries, Chips… and Potato Chips - Crisps!

Just Sayin’

See you there.

I have confirmed there will be a few things that WILL BE AVAILABLE for those in the UK to win!


If they are wanting to get into the pet business. I think pet camera would be pretty good. I came across this one company called Petcube. It basically like security camera to checkon your animals. I think they even have it where you can talk to the animals and even release treats for them while you are at work.

Another insane idea. Pet Camera.


I’ll just paws for thought there.


I hear ya but there it is.

Cool, might be able to make this one thanks to the midnight time slot.

:rofl: They’ve already been there, done that….and we learned the lesson…


Did we disconnect?

I think he ended the stream accidentally…

If it will be continued?

This was a fantastic live stream and had a bit for everybody, even the IT guy… (booo router…:roll_eyes:)

Congrats to the community members who took home some sweet stuff and thanks @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS for the surprise gift at the end!!

Thanks Adam for another great one. :tada::tada:

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Gah, I hate that you guys do this stuff during the week. I’m always at work when it comes on and I cannot participate. At any rate congrats to those who won stuff and kudos on another year

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Thanks to everyone that came out… Sorry that it is on a weekday - but I’d rather not give up my weekend for this… :wink:

My internet cut out - and then unfortunately the stream ended.


Adam explained before, this is all about ticking Amazon Live boxes, USA centric and USA evening time.

The platform decides.


@Loz Good evening or morning :slight_smile:

For the record, people who are ‘banned’ from Amazon reviewing and commenting cannot participate during Amazon Live presentations. I wish Anker/Soundcore would use another platform for this, so that you could have full participation.

The past few Amazon Lives, I could not participate.

People and banning are not possible in Amazon.

You can ban an account, a person can have a banned account and other non-banned account(s).

There’s very few online structures tied to people.