Amazon Live | Digital David’s Top Soundcore Picks

It’s Tuesday so you know what that means…We’re back with another Amazon Live :partying_face: This week’s special guest is Digital David!

Tune in HERE at the usual time of 5PM PT/ 8PM ET as @SoundcoreAdam and Digital David dive into all things tech.

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s coming up:

Liberty Air 2 Pro

Life P3 - All Colors

Life Q35

Life Q30

Soundcore Mini 3


Hope you have a good show, @SoundcoreAdam I may can catch your show later but I am vacationing in Florida at Universal and Daytona Beach.

Enjoy the vacations Duane,
Much more important to relax there than taking part at soundcore’s forum. :laughing:
Some photos please!

Or its too private and not allowed to publish?
If so, come to Anker’s forum!
There we are absolutely free in publishing, because nobody cares about! :rofl:

I should be there. I’ll see everyone tonight.

We are Universal right now. We are spending a few days Volcano bay. As my tradition I try to easy my body into the hot sun as I can and not get sunburned on the furst day… If means one day without a shirt n then a day with a shirt. Today is my shirt. Wearing the shirt as it is similar to the water shirts the young folks wear.

Sp this soumdcore related. Lol


Oooo hope I can attend

Well most likely will get a chance to watch a little… Had somebody steal them my kids cross. LOL.

Great Duane.
Enjoy it! :palm_tree:

As soon as it gets less chilly in March / April I bare as much skin as possible to begin building browner skin before the heat arrives.

Today is too hot to be outside.

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It totally slipped my mind this was the other day. Oh well guess I’ll catch the rerun later on

I know where you can find a new activity!