Amazon Live | Headphones, Hubs and More with TechOdyssey

We have headphones hubs and more in today’s livestream!

Join @SoundcoreAdam and TechOdyssey at 5pm PT/ 8PM ET here

Time to get excited as theres some great products including:

Liberty Air 2

Life Q30

Flare 2

Anker 24K Gold Cable

Anker 13-in-1 Thunderbolt Dock


I shall hopefully be there unless my son’s homework is not takes a longer time to do with his routines.

Looks to be a good lineup.

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Wow a 24k gold cable!

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dang I almost wanna buy that gold cable :rofl: that is really tempting!

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I was thinking the same thing. That’s one nice cable :joy:

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Nice hopefully I’ll remember and be able to go


Unfortunately, We have to POSTPONE Tonight’s Live Stream

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Hope everything is ok. Glad for the timely update as well.

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Duane - I run the live streams out of my dad’s house and a friend of mine who I saw over the weekend had a possible exposure - so rather than risk his health - figured I’d postpone tonight’s stream.


I hear ya. I went to Disneyland in Florida and we are staying away from folks as well. Health first. Plus it not as much quarantine when your job currently have you working from home … Let just say lots of Purell those days. :wink:

Host a giveaway for the gold charger!

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Definitely better to be safe. Hopefully you don’t test positive

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I don’t understand the gold obsession. It does make lower resistance connection points, but in the scheme of the whole circuit that is basically negligible. But someone will probably buy this.

Like the gold plated monster audio cables of old, for those high fidelity sound systems where it was also completely irrelevant to system performance.

Hope everything turns out ok. Your safety and the safety of others always comes first


Does anyone know if the usual second livestream this week will also be postponed?

The Gold charger is purely aesthetic - It just looks BAD A** and allows you to one-up your friends . The Gold portion is simply plated onto an existing cable to increase your BALLER status!


Aaron has changed roles in the company and is no longer running the Friday stream. We are looking for someone else to pick it up but for the moment, they have been put on hold indefinitely.


Thanks KTKundy - My immediate test was negative and just waiting for the results of the 3-5 day one. If all is clear - the stream will resume on Tuesday.