Amazon Live | New Releases Revealed and Reviewed!

I watched this video.

I am impressed with your test setup, you invested significant time on the objective measures, I attach far more weight to this video than the other subjective reviews.

You proved to my satisfaction the ANC is very good and the BT 5 distance is good.

Across all the reviews it is clear the microphones are awful and as 30% discount is likely to happen later anyway, I’m not ordering now pending a statement from Soundcore they have a firmware update fix.

Many who only need these for listening and not answering calls, are going to get an excellent product for comparitively low cost.

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Thank you, Professor!

My review is far from scientific and may get criticism from recording professionals if this video gets more attention. However it is a quick rough demo for the mass consumers and easy to understand.

I plan to make another one: Soundcore Motion+ vs Bose SoundLink Mini II

Don’t put yourself down, it’s the best review so far! The way you find the decibel reduced is very clever.

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Like Professor said, it was a great video but felt that somehow it couldn’t make out difference as much maybe because of length. So if you reduced the video length of each ANC type maybe we could notice the difference between indoor, outdoor, and transport better. That’s just what I felt but again you did a great job without a doubt

Thanks for your feedback! I will take it into consideration when I make the next one.

By the way, I always use “outdoor” mode, the highest ANC setting, which I forgot to mention in the review.

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Looks like some good stuff. Can’t wait to try some.

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All the reviews I have seen for these headphones have been good. I can tell the designers really put some effort into the design.