Amazon Live | Perfect Gift For You and Your Valentine

Love is in the air! :heart_eyes:

Cupid himself aka @SoundcoreAdam will be live HERE at 5PM PT / 8PM ET giving you a closer look at some of our top picks for Valentine’s Day gift ideas including:

Life Q30 Blue

Life Q30 Pink

Life Q30 Black

Liberty Air 2 Pro Black

Liberty Air 2 Pro Pink

Liberty Air 2 Pro Blue

Motion+ Blue

Motion+ Red

Anker Powerline III Flow

Anker Powerline III Flow

Anker Powerline III Flow


Not including the blue LA2Ps b/c they’re sold out?

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Might have to get my wife the set of pink items for Valentine’s. I should have ordered earlier as that would have made a good video too.

I’m liking the new color ways

The pink q30s are sooo nice I want them!

I’m digging the colors, and while I prefer the subtle blue I wouldn’t mind rocking the pink earbuds…kinda like Linus wears a pink hat or drinks water from his pink water bottle


@sean.L will you be my valentine? :heart_eyes:

depends on the gift you’re planning on getting me! :rofl:

DEFINITELY like the colors! Tired of having headphones/earbuds that are either black or white with nothing else in between. Nice to have some variety!

Love the new pink colors on Q30 and LA2P but won’t be able to join today either (most likely) but might hop on towards the end

Lots of colors in the air, highlighting the new things in the new colors. Should be fun.

Man about forgot it… lol need to set a timer for it. Lol

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Lol I was early to the stream tonight. Started out strong, around 40+ viewers and ended around 15.

@ktkundy was there and a fellow by name of Wesley Ohio, not sure if there were many more from here though… maybe there was, lurking’…

They are looking for followers on the amazon platform, help with how amazon slots them in… I think @soundcoreadam mentioned this on a other thread.

Lol. I was about to get on but got side tracked with family wanting me to do stuff and boom it is 10 pm. Lol


It was a lovely livestream as always I was. Little late because of how my classes fall this semester

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Dang I forgot about this, was busy making dinner

3 AM local time🤔