Amazon Live | Upgrade Your Sound Now!

Everybody loves an upgrade right?! :eyes:

Join @soundcoreadam tonight as he takes a look at some revamped Soundcore classics that have just been given a brand new upgrade! :scream: :star_struck:

Tune in here at the usual time of 5PM PT/ 8PM ET

Here’s a sneak preview at what he’ll be taking a look at:

Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded Version

Life Q20+

Life Q35

Life Q30

Life P2 Mini

Life P3

PowerCore III 10K Wireless Portable Charger

5-in-1 USB C Adapter


Looking forward to it! FYI, I think the next product y’all should look at upgrading is the Wakey!

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Life P2 Mini enters US as well.

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I’ll be there barring any unfortunate circumstances. See you all there.


Sadly I missed it had just gotten out of class and was drained. I’ll probably watch it tomorrow if I have time

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It was not as bad stream wise for me although I still had issues but still good show.

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This was a very fun stream and seemed like a lot of new people on with good questions.



So is there a live webcast involving San Francisco, Seattle, New York and London for the ANC golden sounds product on or soon after Thursday?

Listen to Adam speak at 3min24s
“Next week I am in London,… then in San Francisco or Seattle then in New York”
“We are in the process of launching … working on that”.

Joining up dots.

I hope you weren’t thinking of using Facebook for the event?