Amazon Live | What Color Would You Pick?

Today’s Amazon Livestream will BRIGHTEN up your day…:rofl:

Cheesy jokes aside, @SoundcoreAdam will be live tonight and kicking off December at 5PM PT/ 8PM ET right here.

Make sure you tune in, theres some great products including:

Life Q20 (blue)

Life Q20 (silver)

Life Q10 (blue)

Life Q10 (black/red)

Soundcore Motion+ (red)

Soundcore Motion+ (blue)

Soundcore Flare Mini (red)

Soundcore Flare Mini (blue)

Liberty 2 Pro

Liberty Air 2

Anker 6ft Premium Nylon Lightning Cable

Anker PowerLine+ C to C 2.0 cable

Anker iPhone 12 Charger Cable

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I didn’t know some of these colors were even available

Black and red are my 2 fav colours - so my choices are easy :yum:

It is a rainbow of sound. :wink:

ahhhh so colorful! didn’t know these things came in so many colors!

The Q10 in red/black is an eye catcher,
Red cables are good as normally all others are black.
Speakers I like them in black only.

Overall I like the life q20 in the blue. The white Liberty 2 pro are a good color as well. The red and black cable would be good for a couple of devices if you wanted to mix and match the colors.

Not sure why but the red speakers look weird in the photos. It’s something about the shade of red but maybe they look different off camera :man_shrugging:

@sean.L I wish you told me about the blue Q20’s earlier lol!

OOOO so many nice colors i love the blues

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I have all those cables, the colors are all very nice. The Q20 in blue is very cool imo though.

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Life Q20 - Lakers colors
Motion+ - Red
Flare Mini - Blue
Cables - Silver

I appreciate that there are color options for those who want them, but I am probably always going to pick a pretty neutral color for headphones or speakers.

Brightly colored cables can be nice, to make them easier to find.

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I’m in! Can’t wait to see the products!

Looks cool!

I wish I could’ve stayed longer! Would’ve loved to chat about the new colors.

Man, I am so screwed up on time. I thought it was Monday yesterday when it was Tuesday. :rofl:

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If you missed it Soundcore Adam tried to balance the motion on his head