Amazon Live | What will El Jefe crown as the Best of Soundcore?

With tomorrows huge #100Prizes100Minutes celebration taking place, We’re a day earlier than usual! :partying_face:

Join @SoundcoreAdam live here from 5PM PT/8PM ET this evening as he is joined by the YouTube maestro himself El Jefe!

El Jefe will be picking the best of Soundcore which includes:

Liberty Air 2

Life Q10

Liberty 2 Pro

Flare 2

Life P2

Anker USB C Power Strip Surge Protector

eufyCam 2C 1-Cam Kit

Anker PowerWave Pad

Anker Premium Nylon Lightning Cable


looking forward to this one


This should be fun! Glad to have @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS back on the stream!!


Let’s see what product is going to win today :thinking:
But it’s not best of Soundcore, but Best of Anker as a whole :wink:

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He was actually my FIRST (well tied for first) guest when I started hosting the stream back in April - along with Enobong from BoredAtWork.


It’s gonna be fun! Hope to see you all there!


Should be fun! Have fun streaming 2 days in a row @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS

A number of those products aren’t in each other’s categories even. Not sure how you compare them, much less crown one…

Should be a great stream!

Glad I was able to join yesterday. It was fun and we enjoyed asking questions over and over … right Josh @Insider :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL it was definitely an experience to say the least :joy:

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Great stream, and loved the shout out to Brian brushwood and scam school!