Android audio lag / delay / out of sync with video

When I pair my Liberty Air 2’s to my Google pixel 2 xl running Android 10, I have to go into the bluetooth settings and disable the aptx codec and reenable the aptx codec to get audio and video to sync. If I don’t do this video and audio is out of sync in all apps. I didn’t have this issue with my previous pair of bluetooth earbuds from different brand. Anyone experiencing a similar issue or have a better way to get audio and video in sync?

Screenshots attached to show the settings I am disabling and enabling to get video and audio to sync.

Have you tried to delete the bluetooth profile, reset the earbuds and then try a fresh pairing? It might help with your issue.

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Hmm, interesting.

I could he wrong, but I believe codecs like AAC have less of a delay the AptX. Have you tried switching to AAC when watching videos?

Nothing like that on my end. I test many TWS across multiple android and iOS devices. This is definitely odd.

Tried deleting the profile and resetting the earbuds in the case. Same issue.
Turning off hd audio in the settings turns on aac and that doesn’t help the sync issue. Also I prefer to use aptx since it produces higher quality audio.
I exchanged for another pair and still am having the same issue.
I am currently on the latest firmware 04.19

Maybe your phone’s acting up and causing these issues I’d try testing your earbuds on another device to see if theirs any difference in delay and if not who knows you might of got 2 defective pairs in a row lol. Maybe your issue is the phone itself so I’d firstly reboot it and unpair and repair and if that doesn’t seem to work well who knows what the issue could be. I’d say reset your phone to see if it fixes it and if not maybe the earbuds don’t like your phone or maybe a hardware fault who knows.

Can you tell me whether you ever found an acceptable fix for this? I just purchased the Liberty Air 2 for use with my Google Pixel 2. I am having the same issue, though I did seem to notice that moving from WiFi to mobile data seemed to make it better in at least one case. So far I really like the ear buds for the most part but I probably will return them if I can’t solve the audio lag/latency issue.

I’m experiencing the exact situation using my third set of Liberty 2 Pros with a Pixel 2 XL running Android 10.

Not a good solution, just the one I mention in my original post. After connecting to my phone I disable aptx for 2 seconds and then renable it. After doing that, the audio syncs perfectly with the video. I haven’t found a solution for when I use them with my PC or Mac though.

Thank you anyway. Hopefully the issue will be addressed.