Anker community?

When I open the website of the ANKER forum its empty!
Has the site now been given up?

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I will check with somebody. I wonder if they are doing updates or something to the web page design or etc.

May be “updates” only.
Hope its not deleted or corrupted.

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Well, it would be deleted as they had just put a contest on there…

I checked it, it’s the same for me.
In addition, the Soundcore community site is very slow.
Yesterday night, it was not possible to enter the Soundcore community website - a message about a very heavy page load and error 502 appeared.

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We are patient as usual Duane.
During the years we learned to be so and in my age I have to! :laughing:

Those errors we are used to.
How did we say in the early days of the internet :

WWW -> world wide waiting :rofl:

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I understand it, but it hasn’t happened for me in 2-3 months.
It was probably during the summer holidays when the site was down for several hours.

Now I looked - there are already 2.3 million user accounts :open_mouth: ! In January, it was probably 0.9 million.

Was able to access the community about 6:30am UK time, based on the recent competition posted it is likely updates or an outage. Believe the SC community is on a different server / build.

Edit - seems to be back now…

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Thank you Neil!

Works now.

Will go ahead and close the thread

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Appreciate the update for the Anker site. I tried to relay it a few different ways so that somebody could check on it. I think they may have made a few changes on the site as well