Anker Japan information

I assume as this is on Anker’s website it is public?

It is mostly about charging, but there is some Soundcore. Yes its in Japanese so have to feed through translator if cannot understand.

Just focusing on the Soundcore products:

  • Liberty Neo 2

Soundcore products video

This one has lots of hands-on of the Soundcore buds, 16 minutes with the Life A2 NC, Life P3, Neo 2.

Finally, the mandatory music theme, as this is all Anker Japan information, some Japanese themes…


Ooo life p 3 wonder when those will launch and if it will be low key or a big launch

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Funny, you look at these different from me. When I look at the L2P and the P3 I’m thinking about the length of the bluetooth antenna. I suspect I’m the only one here like that.

These all fall out of my ears so only way I get to touch is I win free, and I never win anything :frowning:

Ok back to my studies of rotating black holes and Einstein’s field equations… (not kidding) wearing my Q30 which I like as they don’t fall out of my ears. Plus I can’t lose them.

I think about those things once more information comes out slowly but initially I just wonder if this will be something I have to remember to look for on my own when launch like the rave+ or if it will be a big thing with lots of info available like the Liberty air 2 pro

The Life P2 has teardown, they didn’t put the bluetooth antenna all the way through the length, so in effect had same antenna length as the L2P.

I’m wondering if they put the antenna all the way through the P3, as if they did they’d get better battery life.

Most here are thinking about sound quality and price, I suspect.

USA is the biggest market, just wait for them available, and for reviews.

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This thread will likely get deleted like my LA2P thread got deleted :joy:. But nice to see the Amazon page since I tried finding it but couldn’t a few days ago

But Neo 2 looks a lot like Life A1 or whatever it’s called. Really don’t see why they have to make similar looking products when they already have so many options

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It’s their own website


Oh wow that’s something new. If they delete this (which they shouldn’t theoretically) then it’ll just cause a bunch of confusion and we won’t have any idea of what is right or wrong to post. Also your other thread about Soundcore app seems reasonable according to their ToS too but technically not a website so they could go for that small technicality :man_facepalming:

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I doubt this one will be deleted since it’s an official Anker even and not a leak. Kind of like how we know about the power conf from the Anker work before it’s released yet

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Well if you step from the details, as we have just impression, not full specs, it does give you a snapshot of what’s coming in next weeks/months.

The challenge I see is that Soundcore within Anker is competing against itself significantly. The Life P3 against other similar, so incremental improvements are real but small. The Q35 biggest competitor is the Q30, etc.

That is a complement. But.

The complexity of so many, and so similar, and so overlapping, products is going to cause consumer confusion - the basic “what do I buy” which slows decisions - and support who have a significant challenge to know the nuances of each product and the RCA in troubleshooting. “you have the Flare Mini. Which Flare Mini”.

For myself, my existing Soundcore investment means I don’t need any of this upcoming stuff, not until something breaks.

For those without any Soundcore - the complexity of choice - how to fit to their needs - is the barrier I feel.

For USA this analogy of Trader Joe’s vs Walmart. I prefer Trader Joe’s as I go to the small milk section, select from the 3 types of milk, and keep going, in and out in 3 minutes. Walmart there is the milk aisle, and takes 30 minutes. I never shop in Walmart, too much choice. I just want low fat milk!

So do I want ANC or not. Do I want in-ear / over-ear. Do I want stick or clip. I still only get to needing no more than 3-5 in-ear and 2 over-ear, and 3-4 speakers. Any more than that I’m confused and take longer to buy.

So, back to Soundcore… how does someone decide between Neo, Neo 2, Life P2, P3, LA2, LA2P, and the others coming soon.

I’ve only mentioned the ones Anker released info, not all the ones we know but can’t say, but the point is true - a lot of diversity, similar, overlapping products.


The Liberty Neo 2 is in the app

And Anker Japan official site

And is on Amazon

Where full specs listed for those interested.

I enjoyed the p2s. Hope the p3 are just as good.

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I liked the P2 too as they are good enough (sound, performance) but £30 which is fair given its so easy to lose a bud. I travel with the LA2 simply as I won for free so less concerned with losing and case is small.

It would be good for buying decision making if there was a consistent naming convention, say Neo = entry, Life = mid, Pro = high end.