Anker life P3 earphones

What is the best equaliser setting for the deepest bass? Please include the pre-set equaliser and manual equaliser setting. I want these earphones to be at its loudest volume with heavy deep bass sound. Thanks.

What is it like with custom EQ with the bass frequencies turned up?

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I will join @The_Professor in suggesting to use custom EQ

Rubbish. The higher the bass the lower the treble. No thumping bass as described in the product.

Have you tried switching on the “Bass Up” feature in the app?

I’ve tried the bass up feature. Still no bass. :disappointed:

Most likely is your hearing is damaged seeking bass.

But if you have not damaged yourself, one tip is to trial’n’error in custom EQ lower other frequencies so there is released a “budget” of sound energy to drive up the bass. So work on lowering other frequencies.

Hi Professor. I went to the Doctors and I’ve had my ears tested. The results show there is nothing wrong with my ears.