Anker life q30- the mic doesn't work in my laptop

Hi, I have a problem with the mic in windows, my laptop detect the headphones how soundcore life q30 stereo and soundcore life q30 hands free ag, but when I select the soundcore life q30 hands free how predetermined, the mic doesn’t work, I don’t know what to do

I’ve only used mine to listen to music/videos when connected to my PC. I know windows has a lot of settings, make sure your Mic is selected.

You might also want to use the seach to see what pops up.
That being said you can also contact Customer Support:

I am sure the headphones can be used under WIn in different modes : headset / headphones etc.
You should use the search function
(magnifier in the upper right corner, on the left beside the avatar)
to search for the answer of your question.

I have used my q30 for a windows laptop.

I was using a traditional usb headset but at one point decided to us the q30 for a quieter meeting at work.

I am wireless and they are connected to my work pc. I only have soundcore life q30 when I connect to the laptop.


As this example in Google Chat, You have to select both Life 30 for speakers and microphone. There is a mic test to help determine and help adjust sound.

I will say that I do not use it that much on pc but it just depends on the importance of the meeting. I have gotten out of the habit until recently.

Unsure why yours is not working and not sure if it would be due to settings while it is connected to the phone.

So for giggles, I would connect the q30 to your phone. Go to the BT settings, hit the cog to see that both settings are on for call and audio. I am wondering if it is off then will it be off for when on the PC as there is no app for pc as I have not really tried that yet…

With meeting for most of today, I most likely not get a chance to test that out at least for today (or if they break early…)

Oooo I will have to read this over for when I want to hook it up to my lappy

Well I gave it a try last night no problem with doing it. Already had 3 phone calls, paired with two devices and not one hiccup except I need to slightly stretch them, new headphones mean clamp force from hell for me. Lol I tried wearing them for a few hours and they felt heavy after a hour. But I survived and am super happy because they are Pink

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