Anker powerconf

I bought this for school remote learning zoom calls…The audio is clear and the microphone works well. My son is 6 so it has been super helpful to listen in and have a quality mic. His chrome tablet has terrible mic and audio speakers. Strangely, the volume control and mute do not sync with a zoom call. He still has to control mute/unmute with the zoom app.
Does anyone know how to sync up this option for zoom? (Ability to mute/unmute vol control with zoom). It works for spotify app and readaloud books just not for zoom conference

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Its interesting to know that PowerConf has control on apps like Spotify and Readaloud. As of now, PowerConf (all versions) do not support audio controls on apps and something planned for future release

Though this may be observed as a shortcoming, it may be used as a strength and like it does not sync the controls. I use mute on PowerConf and do not need to control the mute on the Zoom / WebEx / MS Teams meetings, Participants dont see that I am on mute.

Ahhhh so it makes sense. I will look for future updates. I also noticed, yes in zoom one can be unmuted in zoom but yet mute(red light on conf speaker). Issue is teacher (meeting host) has all children on mute. Child must mute & unmute every time they speak In class. On tablet chrome their little 6 & 7 yr old hands take forever to do this. If the conference speaker synced with zoom, the kids could visually see red light mute & have the ease of pushing that middle button. This would have been an amazing option. I am sure many parents will be getting these maybe for younger kids. Love the ability to hear everything while he is in class vs 6 yr old wearing the headphones all day and melting down.
As for read aloud yes on Epic books app he can control the volume there plus use mute unmute option. Excited for any updates (fingerssrossed) :slight_smile:

Hope you have paired the PowerConf with the Soundcore App, keep checking once every 2 weeks to see if there are firmware updates,

Thanks for posting the updates about Spotify and Readaloud, these may help other members :slight_smile:

6 yo and using zoom and powerconf… see the progress that a virus caused :thinking:

All Kindergartners and Grade 1 kids have been provided with iPads for the school year, so far and Grade 2 - 5 have Chromebooks …

My daughter is using one of my wireless headphones for daily zoom calls

If things continue the way they are, whole school year might be remote… :frowning:

The daily zoom calls are exhausting but what choice do we all have. Last year the headphones option didnt work so well for my 1st grader, now 2nd grader. Figured this year may be for awhile, might as well invest in something easier for my kid to use. Since we didn’t pay anything for the computers. The headphones were great but mostly for responsible older kids. This way I can help keep an eye on what is going on in class. There are 30 kids in the class and its pretty challenging. I didn’t want him to miss anything or like last year, be unheard because of a terrible computer microphone…this speaker has been great for this.

and…what? You have a better idea how to educate 30 6year olds at once from home? Real productive comment:roll_eyes:

PowerConf is a good speakerphone and a good idea for use for younger kids… I do see the use case you mentioned :+1:

My daughter is older and higher grade class so uses the headset.

Thanks for the insight

He might just be pointing out how crazy this all is. My family homeschools anyway, so no massive change for us. But the amount of disruption for everyone else is off the charts.

I can’t imagine my five year old getting anything out of a video call, nor the others thinking back to when they were 6 or 7. Physical presence is so important.

Good thoughts about how the speaker should work, I agree that better syncing of buttons with apps would be a convenient option and a big selling point.

Do we know if we will get this feature to have inline controls in the spearkerphone for Zooms/Teams?