Anker products and use ability

What Anker products are great to use with soundcore products??


I use an Anker PowerWave wireless charging pad to keep my Liberty 3 Pros charged when at my desk. I also have a PowerCore III for when I’m not at my desk.

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Anker products tend to be towards the higher end of power delivery, while Soundcore products tend to be on the lower end of power needs. e.g. most Soundcore products happy with 5V 1A while all of Anker portable chargers are at least that.

A really good pairing for Soundcore would be their folding pin dual port charger, and any of their Powercore which support trickle charge mode - as Soundcore products tend to be not fully charged otherwise.

I just got back home from a 10 day trip and I was with these:

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I use a couple things

  • Anker powerline 3-1 _ USB to micro / lightening / USB c
  • Anker 4 port charging (1 USB c and 3 USB)
  • Anker power cube (canna recall which lil one it is :flushed:

A few :roll_eyes: powerbanks…

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I use the PowerPort 10 for normal inside charging and a portable 20100mah 2 port charger for on the go charging. I like both quite a bit!

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I use a PowerCore III as it has a QI pad on it and I can charge the Core and a device at the same time. Use a powerline ll as it has different tips for different charging types. USB C to USB C 6 ft cable and nano for charge and to use devices.

Been thinking about getting one or two of these for vacation… Small enough to handle a few items the kids always need and small enough to take on trips.

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I use Anker charger. Have Powerline as well.

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