Anker Q30 Auto Turning off Problem

Hi. I am using Q30 a while. Today I noticed it does not turning off even paired off bluetooth from mobile device. It is Turning off only while “Normal” mode. When I listen music on “Transparant” or “Noise cancelling” mode, then I turning of bluetooth from my smartphone, headphone still remaining active and does not turning off automatically. Is it meaning it has factory defect or you have same issue?

I can check it in a few for you.

Have you done a reset of the headphone? I think it is like power and fast forward. You should get the tones and then it will reset. I would disconnect Bt from phone first and restart the phone as well.

Also to make sure you are up to date on firmware

Once done, you can pair them up again and check. The glitch may be in the phone n not the headset so better safe than sorry. If it is still there you will probably need to contact the service desk and let them know what you done as to quicken the potential exchange.

As a last precaution, I would check how it acts in a different device to help pinpoint device or headphone as the issue

Make sure any device you’ve used them on, not only turn off Bluetooth, but click unpair and “forget this device” , I had a issue where I’d be charging & they’d auto pair to random devices. Even when bt was off.(very weird) Soon as I switch devices Or go to charge them , I just Unpair and click “forget this device”. No issue since

Can’t say if I have the same issue because I always turn off headphones manually by using button. It’s an old habit :joy:
Can’t check it right now but will do it later.
I would follow sugestions by others and try to reset and check if headphones aren’t connected to another device as well.

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I agree with @VertigoXX. I turn mine off manually with the Power Button. I can’t say I’ve ever noticed the Power Button not working.

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