Anker q30 does not play music on windows 10

I use an adapter to connect the anker, which I’ve had for less than a month, to my windows pc but it can’t play music from the pc, I’ve tried several youtube tutorials but the problem persists, I believe it’s a problem with the headphone drivers. just appears as connected but not ready to play music and voice

Unsure about adaptor…

Are the headphones connected to BT? If so check your sound setting… sometimes that may be issue.

If you have not updated headset do that too

More likely the PC bt drivers may need updated.

I would connected to mobile device to see if BT works with it first.

Could be a problem with that adapter.
Have you checked if you sue the genuine bt drivers of your bty card instead of those default ones installed by MS?

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the adapter says it’s plug and play, no drivers needed according to the seller

Have you tested that adapter with outder devices?
Is the adapter recognized by the win hardware list correctly?

Yes, I already tried to connect other devices through the adapter and the connection happens, however the q30 does not play and keeps connecting and disconnecting. Windows can identify my adapter. What makes me more lost in relation to this problem is that I don’t know if it’s because with my pc, adapter or with the headphone

I’ve already tried to install, update, disable… everything that is possible to do with this option but the problem persists

Hm, seems we are now at the end of our ideas.
I don’t have such anymore.
One could do some more deeper tests, but I don’t know these because I don’t use MS.
Using LINUX I would know how to.

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Hi Ediwhi! Don’t have any other Bluetooth speakers, earphones or headphones to try out with your PC?
I assume the headphones work fine with other devices (phone, tablet), am I right?
I suspect the bluetooth transmitter. In Settings → Bluetooth & Other devices → Audio, do you see the Q30?

This looks exactly like you have connected the Q30 to your phone so it won’t then connect to your phone. Turn bluetooth off of everything else you paired Q30 with, the turn Q30 off , wait 10 minutes, turn Q30 on, then pair with PC and connect. Should work. If not then you probably have to change Windows from headset to headphone in audio.