Anker Soundcore 3 big delay ... please Help

Hi ,
I have just bought an anker soundcore 3 and i have a big delay on everything… youtube … disney plus … amazon prime … etc … I already have the first Ankor Soundecore … A3102 and this one is ok no delay … is there any way of fixing the delay or should I just refund it and buy a different one?

I use a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra… and i have the latest firmware on the speaker …

Thank you

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I find what was the problem … when the bluetooth light is blinking white the speaker is in PartyCast Mode … this gives you the delay … if you turn turn the PartyCast Mode off, the led will be blue and there will be no delay …



Good to know you solved it yourself. Consider editing the title of your OP to make it easier to find for the next person.

Congrats on solving your problem. :+1:

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I guess good and bad that it is resolved. I can see why a delay may happen but would be nice if it did not happen


Hey I had exactly the same problem and could fix it due to your comment. Thank you so much❣

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Perfect, such solutions need to be awarded first. not the ranking of this Top-Ten-list. :sweat_smile:

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Hey! I got my soundcore 3 as a birthday gift couple of days ago, but disabling the partycast mode didn’t help… and still have a big delay, not sure what to do!

What are you playing th media from?

You should tell us a little bit more about.
What device is the speaker connected to?

I’m connecting it to my laptop, and playing videos through the browser (Youtube, Netflix, Spotify) and there’s delay in everything, I’m also playing video games on the laptop, even changing the volume from the windows bar where it makes a sound change audio prompt, and delay in everything.

Just go all out in experimenting with settings. It takes two sides to make latency, the source and the destination. Try different codecs and bitrates.

For all we know here it could simply be you have an awful Wifi performance due to higher bluetooth rates with retransmits inserting the latency.

You are right to come and ask around the Soundcore side of latency, but you should also look at the two other major causes of latency of your source (codecs, Wif). Usually you get a solution by attacking all forms of latency. The common error is to say “my other speaker didn’t suffer from it” when your other speaker supported a lower bitrate codec and your bluetooth could then easily keep up and fewer retransmits.

The_Professor its right, i am using my soundcore 3 with my laptop (Alienware with Windows 11) and i have no problems …

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