Anker Soundcore Air 2 right earphone can't be charged and both do not work in calling

Hello there.
I have a major and a minor problem with my Soundcore Liberty Air 2 which I’ve been using for less than a year (had been bought in November 2020 on AliExpress official store). I use it for about 5-10 hours a week, not that often and frequently.

The problem is that when I put earphones in their case, the right one can’t be charged for over than nearly half When take them back together after a while, the left ear says "battery full and the right one says “battery medium”.

Both lights blink (as they usually do) when I put them in the case. I usually check that.

What I’ve tried:

  • cleaning carefully the contacts (both in the case and on right rear) with dry ear cleaning cotton sticks.
  • unpairing from my phone (in the Bluetooth settings of my phone)
  • resetting by keeping both sides in the case and pressing & holding the only button on the bottom until I see red blinkings.

Nothing has helped at all.

Can anyone tell me what else I can try to fix this on my own?

P.S. about working during the call.
Apparently, it wasn’t any bug so I just fixed it by increasing the volume using the button of the right ear :slight_smile:.!

Below are the screenshots:

Since it seems like you tried the usual stuff like cleaning the contacts and resetting, the next logical would be to contact Customer Support. Good luck!

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