Anker soundcore boost battery issue after 2 years

Hello everyone,

My Anker Soundcore Boost is having battery issue which is no longer chargeable. May I know what kind of battery it use? Or any service centre in Malaysia?

I suggest to contact customer service by email

There’s teardown and photo guides online.

I think its out of warranty.
So open it and change the batteries.
A skilled DIY can do.

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There isn’t much support can do if its an aging battery. I have a Boost that I purchased during the first year of release and the battery stopped holding a charge about a year ago. I’m using an old portable battery to keep using mine. There are few tear down videos out there. I’m not sure that its worth the time and cost to replacing the batteries.


Its never wasting time to repair something.
Its easy to open the speaker and take out the batteries.
I am sure its only a very common battery and can be replaced.
That’s better than to dump the whole speaker. :grinning:

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Ditto for older products, I just use a Powercore to overcome older battery failure.

I normally would agree with you on it. But this one has that rubber like coating on it and has to be cut away I think. (I haven’t watched the video in a while or looked for an access point on the speaker). If it has to be cut away, its no longer nice looking. Since the speaker allows to be played from a power supply I use a portable speaker.

Seems only the bottom has to be removed to get the hand on the battery.
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I’d just like to say that I have dealt with a few of these units with very similar issues. In my observations, it comes down to the USB charge port. The batteries are actually quite good but plug (or force) in the USB upside down a few times and it loses the ability to ground during charge which in turn gives a false charge. If only they had designed this with USB-C or a more sturdy charge adapter!!.. Continued use will render charging useless and an external power supply only works well for long as it is connected. Hear crackling or a whistling (tweeting) sound while it does work? Does it POP if you move or bump it? Lack of amperage. “Replace the USB port”. All in all, a superb unit but needs to be treated that way too. Almost impossible to find a replacement part for this issue, so treat it carefully. If you are skilled enough, you can pull out the usb (IQ port, USB and AUX circuit) and re-solder the problem points but this is quite a sealed unit and is hard to do. I am experimenting with my 4th one a.t.m. and will post how it goes.

I had and have many different speakers (models) in use.
Never got any problem so far.
The eldest one is an old ANKER the “piano lacquer” A3143 model, I gave to a friend.
Its now more than 4 years old and he is still satisfied with it.

Some day I got one didn’t work at all from the very beginning.
I got a replacement and could keep the broken one.
I opened that and repaired it. Perfect.