Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 NC True Wireless Earbuds - The Wait is Over! | EL JEFE REVIEWS Complete Review

Found these on Wal-Mart’s website and I had to have them! Check out my full review to get the full scoop!


Will check this out later.

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Right on! I appreciate it.

Really curious how they perform since there wasn’t really an announcement about these or listed on the main site.


I had gotten the YouTube notification when it came out earlier will have to watch it later can’t wait to find out more

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Great review @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS


I already bought mine, the sound (as usual) it’s great! Punchy bass, clear mids, and don’t forget the NC! It’s better than the sony’s sp800, the only disappointment is wireless charge… Other than that, another great product from Soundcore! Highly recommend it!! :+1::+1:


Great review El Jefe! :+1::blush::ok_hand:


Nice review.

I picked a pair up in early December. I like the sound quality but I never really found a earbud/wing set that kept them in my ears. Plus I found the largest set of wings causes the case to not close properly. Because of that, one of the earbuds won’t charge unless I take the wings off. I’ve never had any issues with Soundcore TWS product until. I ended up giving them to my wife and she loves them and has no issues since she can use the smaller earbuds and wings.


Amazing review

That is interesting, never really thought about fitting in the case with the wind sizes. Seems like something engineering should have caught in the design phase.

I have the spirit X2s, and one minor irritation I have noticed is that the hooks that go around my ear have to be “over” the earbud section to fit in the case, but they are “under” it when on my ears. So there is always an extra rearranging step to get them in properly, and if I don’t do it they might not charge properly. Just had a case where the right earbud was dead when pulling them out of the case.

Great review @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS the earbuds seem pretty decent!

Same here !!! I’m experiencing the same issue… Also, after trying any measures, that I’m aware of, can’t seem to get my left side bud to achieve an adequate balance of sound with the right side. I bought these new via Amazon Prime and it’s NEVER demonstrated any type of balanced sound !! I’ve also tried working with the Android Soundcore app, but to no avail.
I’ve owned them since October of 2021 and have yet to enjoy them. I just kept putting it off due to my aggravation with this purchase !!! Instead of dealing with it, I wound up buying 2 pairs of headsets that I was previously comfortable with !!! I’ve decided to get to the bottom of this issue with the NEW Anker Soundcore Life A2 True Wireless NC Earbuds that I was looking forward to enjoying.
Thanks for your time and I would appreciate any feedback in regards to the issue that I’m experiencing.
John Capaldi
Scottsdale, Arizona

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Was that open post meant to be a PM?

I’m not sure what else you could try. I would contact support and see what they can do. They can go through different troubleshooting steps and see if they can fix the issue.

No, sorry !!! I just discovered this site last night. Being so very much frustrated since July, once I noticed that someone else was experiencing a similar problem I just couldn’t help myself in reaching out for any suggestion to hopefully try to get the full benefits that these earbuds have to offer. Sorry that I didn’t go through the proper procedure. After the fact, I actually realized that I went about it in the improper manner !! I apologize if I disturbed you in any way. It will definitely not happen again
John A Capaldi, Jr
PS: Please enjoy what’s left of your weekend… :partying_face:

No you didn’t cause any issue for any of us, it’s simply you posted your email address in an open forum.

Enjoy the spam!

No problem !!!
You have a GREAT DAY :dart:

When El Jefe drops a review you know it’s about to go in hard :fire::fire: