Anker - Soundcore Life Note 3 XR True Wireless Multi-Mode Noise Canceling In-Ear Headphones?

Does anyone know what the difference is between these and the regular p3? These seem to only be at Best Buy. Link below.

From some discussion on other earbuds, I think they are the same. We know that the q30 and q35 have something similar. We stated a few theory but not totally sure. So just compare specs and you will see they are the same

I’ll “teach to fish”.

The link shows Model :A3933Z11

If I go to FCC for Anker

And search for A3933, I find the TWS buds, right and left. Right one

I don’t see a “difference description” so it appears a unique product.

If I go to the Life P3, I see a product code of A3939

So if I do the same FCC search for A3939 I find the TWS right and left. The right

So I also don’t see a difference description letter.

So from an electronics perspective, these products required to be passed FCC testing separately implying a physically different construction.

So implies they are not just different name of same product.

Some FCC products have a difference description in one listing so are just named differently.

Contrast also with this,%20Ltd.

For example here you see as far Japan authorities concerned Soundcore Life P2 Mini, Soundcore Life Note E [A3944, A3943] are the same product. So in the case of a Life Note E we can say with more confidence identical to P2 Mini.

So in your original question, implies not same product under different name, but in other cases we find they are same product different name. There’s more speakers coming up with different product codes under same listing, too many for me to keep track of.

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