Anker soundcore motion plus firmware update -- usb cable does not connect

I have just purchased an Anker Soundcore Motion+, and am trying to upgrade the firmware.
I have installed the upgrade App, and step 1 says to connect the device using the USB cable. I plug the cable in, and the green light turns red, but nothing happens computer screen. The devide does not seem to be connecting.
Does anyone have any suggestions please.

That should read, the device does not seem to be connecting.

I have now connected with the phone App, and checked for updates with that – and all is OK

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Welcome to the community.

Glad you were able to get it worked out. I think you picked a bad day for a question to the community as there is a new earbud released today.

Yes almost every Soundcore product, I think all but 2, update via the app or cannot update at all. Only 2 I think update via cable. Motion is an app bluetooth update one.

Motion+ did get an FCC revision a few months ago so I was wondering if two versions out now/yet and if it was something any of us could spot the difference.

There was a Flare Mini update which gained app support, and a few other changes through the last 6 months.

@laurieym Hey, there. Please try to operate the firmware version in the Soundcore APP directly if necessary and you don’t need to install the upgrade App. To confirm, I’m wondering about the current version of your Motion+ and if you have encountered any problem with your Soundcore Motion+ speaker so you need an update?

Thank you to everyone who has responded. I wasn’t experiencing any problems, I just wanted to make sure I had the latest firmware, and downloaded the Anker Update from their web site.
When I logged on to the phone app it found that I have the latest firmware,.

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