Anker Soundcore Nano - Still one of my favorites

I was going through my desk and found this little guy hidden under some junk cables and an unboxed still wrapped in plastic wrap next to it.

Anyone still use these old speakers? I haven’t used mine in a while but its now moved into view so I can get to it in the future

I still very much use these… till date… Nano is the best one!!

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Ours gets used daily in my wife’s car…her stereo shorted out so she uses this speaker to jam away

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Audio technology changes so fast, I don’t enjoy listening to speakers that are over around 2 years.

Audio technology may change… But Old is Gold … headsets / headphones may provide better edge with technology advances, but speakers - more or less work the same and Nano is very stylish with Aluminum finish, have not seen many other models from Soundcore coming in this finish.


But strangely 20 year old stereos are often much better sounding than modern ones.


This speaker probably was one of the early releases. Not even aware this was existing. Before my time with Anker.
You found a little fortune @element321 enjoy :wink:

Eww, that’s nasty.

Still use mine for testing at work (either BT devices or AUX), gifted another three others to friends and family which are still standing the test of time…despite the rigours they can go through :slightly_smiling_face:

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When I listen to my old speakers I am in the “real sound”


But all the young folks dont know,
Mine is about 45 years old.
I remember I payed a fortune for a student I was.
But still a phantastic equipment.
I will gave it to my children and I KNOW they will like it.

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You are young and naive my friend. What little do you know about true sound and speakers, there are speakers that are decades old that are still being compared to today that modern speakers cannot touch or even come close to in terms of sound and clarity.

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This at least applies to the speakers and headphones I have had.

I think my stereo system must be above 40 years old as well, and it’s marvelous! You can clearly hear the double bass in orchestral works. It seems higher frequencies are easier to duplicate— soundcore does pretty well with violin sounds.

Small speakers (tweeters) are easy to install in those tiny speakers.
The problem is the bass, so there is software needed.
You was asking about the sound difference of ZERO and FLARE.

ZERO is more voluminous, bigger and there are more speakers inside.

It’s good we old sly foxes kept the stereo. :wink:
Mine has a a phantastic power amplifier
(200 Watt “real power” (rms), not “music power” (peak) )
I do not dare to play it at high volume, though we live alone in the house! :rofl: