Anker soundcore rise

Currently using the soundcore rise for the past 8 months and … And I’m really glad I bought this product .

Great battery life .water and Sweat resistant . Great ear fit and comfort .

Having been using this continuously for these many months … , I have a slight feel that for using it continuously for 6 or 7 hours , my ear starts to feel a slight pain …


Glad you’ve been loving them!

Have you tried different size eartips (smaller) to help with the pain?

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As above I’d suggest trying different ear tips but it may have a detrimental effect on comfort / sound.

I would suggest taking a couple of breaks during the day. This is what I normally do in work - to give my ears a rest :joy::joy:

Thanks for the tips :+1: I’ll definitely do

Best would be not to use those for such a long time period.
Give your ears a rest by taking breaks :wink:

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the healthiest suggestion and logic of course :clap::clap::clap: