Anker Soundcore Select Pro bass issues

Uncontrolled bass at max volume on Anker Soundcore Select Pro with flat custom eq software version 00.25, the track i m playing Matafaka-Unknown Brain, fix this problem please

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My suggestion would be to turn it turn it down a tad.

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Try to let them know of your issue. A firmware update is more likely from them than here.

Never played that song… so unsure how it would affect other speakers ad well

May be you play all to loud.
Remenber thats not a speaker for a discotheque. :grin:

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I do reduce the gain from my phone by 6db when the distortion kick in

Have you checked the level of the preamp if using an equalizer?

This should be low leveled.

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How does it do with othe equalizers from the app? Does it do the same on other settings?

Does it happen while you play other songs as well?

I use use the soundcore app equalizer, not third party app

When m not use any equalizer, just with default soundcore signature with bass up, the bass become boxy, not as deep as the flat version from custom eq on soundcore app

I dont use that app so I have no experience with it.
When I use my EQ and push up the basses there is of course a huge distortion.

Yeah for example this song from (Hallman - You’re not different)
Try it on your at max volume, the weird bass noise will hear able

I just want to set the speaker equalizer once and leave it like that, not adjusting every single time when change song, it’s like the speaker has no peak limiter on bass when set it at max volume, i mean like JBL does, the bass stay at it’s limit peak, meaning it never distorted even at bass heavy song, at heavy bass song the bass only become tiny cus it has limiter that cut off the overload bass signal

It’s not like the volume become lower when the overload bass signal kick in, but it’s cut the overload bass

I have 2 Motion Booms and I don’t play them at Max Volume.

To my way of thinking if you have to consistently play your speakers at Max volume, you need bigger, more powerful speakers. It’s not unusual for amps and speakers to distort at Max volume. Different songs are recorded at different volumes/levels (Hot). At max volume you are leaving yourself no headroom when a peak hits.


All said Steve!

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Agree with @Steve976

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Then why they didn’t set the bass on under it’s limit peak, and set the bass limiter at it’s safe limit peak, cus other brand limit the bass like on 80% or 90% volume, when we increase the volume above 80% or 90% the bass does not increase