Anker Soundcore Wakey Review – The Jack of All Trades Alarm Clock

Just saw this new review of Wakey and thought of sharing it.

Wakey has lot of room ( castle full of rooms) for improvement :rofl:… hope Wakey 2 comes out with all the features addressed.


Nice! I saw this earlier but forgot to post it glad you got it covered!

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Good thing we cover stuff that we each find :joy:

Yea I did see someone post about needing a phone for pretty everything on Anker community so that’s a start for sure. Not sure what else since I wasn’t here when this thing was really at the peak of it’s hype

Yeah the wakey does require the phone for a lot of its uses but still a nice product

I was really looking forward to getting one of these when they were first announced at CES couple of years ago…but the fell short of expectations

Maybe they will call the second one the sleepy. LOL or maybe the nappy LOL

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Wakey Wakey (this time it is really awake :rofl::rofl::rofl:. )

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