Anker Soundcore Wakey Review

Looking to upgrade your bedside alarm from your phone to something a little more exciting? Meet the Anker Soundcore Wakey!

This remarkable device brings some old school vibes to your bedside table. No more waking up to the tinny sound of your mobile phone. The Soundcore Wakey delivers loud, fuller-sounding audio to get you out of bed jamming to your favorite beats.

Anker Soundcore Wakey Specs

Speaker drivers:

2 x 1.75″ full-range drivers

Power output:


Built-in battery:

None – socket power only

Audio inputs:

Bluetooth V5.0, 1/8-inch AUX, FM radio

Dimensions (HxWxD):

3.2 x 7.9 × 3.6 inches

The Design

Anker has gone all-white with the Soundcore Wakey. This gives the speaker a clean, stylish aesthetic which will look good in just about any room, and with most decor.

Behind the fabric-covered speaker grille is an LED clock displaying the time. Depending on your preference, the LEDs can be programmed to five different brightness intensities. The time is automatically synced to your mobile phone, so you never have to worry whether or not the clock is correct.

Below that, a strip of capacitive touch buttons to control the Wakey as well as any paired Bluetooth device. Both the LED and button panel are minimalist in design further emphasizing the clean layout of this awesome little digital alarm clock.

On top of Wakey is a wireless charging port for Qi-compatible mobile devices. The charger will work with most popular brands, more notably:

iPhone (7.5W charging):

XR, XS Max, XS, X, and 8 Plus

Samsung (10W charging):

S10, S10+, S9, S9+, S8, S8+, and Note 9

On the rear of the Wakey are two additional USB power bank outputs for charging non-Qi-compatible devices. Having two means you and your partner can charge your mobiles at the same time.

Features and Audio Inputs

Although the Soundcore Wakey is compact, she’s not shy when it comes to both sleep-inducing and wake me up features.

If you like to fall asleep listening to ambient background sounds, then you’ll love the 10 built-in ambient noises you get with the Soundcore Wakey. Most people prefer white-noise, however, falling asleep to the sound of nature is also very pleasant.

The Soundcore Wakey includes the following ambient sounds:

  • Birds

  • Forest

  • Farm

  • Rain

  • Clock ticking

  • Water

  • Wind

  • Train

  • Ocean

  • Chimes

You can have just a single tone or mix all 10 together to achieve your perfect bedside mix. The ambient sounds can be set up in the Soundcore app, which we cover in the next part of this Soundcore Wakey review. You can also set a countdown timer, so the sounds turn off after you have fallen asleep.

When it comes to audio, you have the option of Bluetooth or a 1/8-inch AUX input which is located on the rear next to the USB power ports. The Wakey features the latest Bluetooth Version 5.0 technology and supports A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, and SBC audio formats.

Built-in FM Radio

If you enjoy listening to what’s on the airwaves, then you’ll be pleased to know the Wakey features a built-in FM radio (87 MHz to 108 MHz). An antenna is supplied with the Wakey to provide that added FM boost for improved reception. You can even set your alarm to wake up to your favorite station. The Wakey also allows you to program 10 of your favorite station presets which can be accessed through the app or cycled via the FM radio button on the speaker itself.

Speaking of alarms, the Wakey allows you to program up to 15 custom alarms to wake up either to one of the 10 built-in tones or the FM radio. You can even set different times for different days of the week or disable the alarm for your days off. So, pretty similar to what your mobile phone is capable of. Good to know you don’t lose this convenient alarm clock customization with the Wakey.

The last great feature on the Soundcore Wakey is a built-in microphone turning the speaker into a handsfree device. Great for taking calls while lying in bed.

Soundcore App and On-Board Controls

You have two options for controlling the Wakey. Via the on-board controls, which also offer control for your Bluetooth devices or, via the Soundcore app. The app is the same one for controlling other Soundcore devices so, if you own other Anker Soundcore speakers, then you’ll be familiar with the app.

On-board buttons include FM radio tuning, volume up and down, multi-function, Bluetooth, and clock. The multi-function button can be used to play/pause, skip tracks, and manage incoming calls.

Through the Soundcore app, you can get deeper into the settings, program your alarms and FM presets, adjust LED brightness, and more.

What Does The Soundcore Wakey Sound Like?

Even though the Soundcore Wakey can fit in the palm of your hand, it’s surprisingly loud for the size. The Wakey features two 1.75″ full-range drivers kicking out an impressive 10W of sound. The speaker will easily fill most bedrooms with enough volume to wake up even the deepest sleepers.

Although punchy, the Wakey doesn’t have a massive bass sound, but it’s more than you would expect from a speaker this size. The clarity is also impressive, providing a decent mid-range and treble sound. Don’t expect audiophile quality from the Wakey, but I think most people will be happy with the sound quality. Especially if you are an Anker fan. This 2019 model has significant improvements over previous Anker Bluetooth speakers.

What’s in the Box?

  • Soundcore Wakey Speaker
  • Power cord
  • FM antenna

Anker Soundcore Wakey Conclusion

If you’re looking for a bedside Bluetooth speaker, with all the functionality of an alarm clock, then the Soundcore Wakey is just what you’re after. At just under $80, the Wakey is slightly more expensive than most other Soundcore speakers; however, the quality is a big step up from older Anker products. The features and sound quality are well worth the price tag.

If there is one complaint, it’s that the blue LED to indicate your phone is on charge, is a little bright. There seems to be no way to disable the LED or reduce the intensity. Other than a minor LED, we feel the Soundcore Wakey is well priced and a good buy.

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