Anker's Charging Tech Inside Liberty 2nd Gen

As an audio brand that stemmed from America’s leading charging brand, Anker, we’ve generally had an advantage over our competitors when it comes to battery life.

Starting in 2014, Anker began its endeavors into the audio market, launching the Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker. It was a compact speaker with a big difference: a phenomenal 24-hour battery life. Combine its battery life with the price point and sound quality and its not difficult to see why it became Amazon’s No.1 Best Selling Speaker.

Big battery life in a compact form continued with the launch of our very first true wireless earbuds, Liberty+, back in 2017.:

But the second best news (behind the superb connection) to consumers will be its battery life. The Liberty Plus offers – according to Yang, since I didn’t get to try it long enough – three and half hours of battery life on a single charge, and the charging case can top up the earbuds a whopping 12 times (for a total battery life of close to 48 hours). That’s significantly more than everyone else out there – guess we shouldn’t be surprised, considering Anker is the world’s top third-party battery manufacturer.” - Forbes

With these successes it seemed like the right time for Anker to double down its efforts on audio, so in 2018 Steven Yang, Anker CEO, announced that “Soundcore has resonated with customers for delivering great audio at an affordable price”, but moving forward, “we will challenge the basic idea that consumers need to pay premium prices for premium sound and quality.

Basically, Soundcore got serious about sound, coming out from Anker’s wing and establishing itself as a dedicated audio brand aimed at democratizing audio for the people.

Side note: Are you familiar with all of the Anker Innovations brands? Check them out below and let us know your favorite in the comments! We’ve circled our favorite for you :wink:

The Liberty 2nd Gen is focussed on exactly what Steven described, specifically, removing the premium price tag from premium audio.

But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we don’t care about battery life anymore. In fact, I’m happy to confirm that Anker technology will once again be utilised in this all new breed of Soundcore true wireless earphones.

We’re talking better battery life and more charging capabilities.

So what does that mean? 24hour battery life with the case? 48 hour battery life? More?

Let us know your expectations/hopes for that down in the comments.


24hr playback time is really good!! Anker has built reputation for great power banks and these used in Soundcore is awesome!

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What would I like regarding the speakers.

Add a certain “beep” 5 minutes before speaker’s battery is going down.
Easy to create via software, same as the “noise” when switched on.

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Is that headset that you circled released yet? I don’t recognize it.

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24hr Playback :heart:

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Hoping for something in the market of 40-50hrs with top up from the case…that would put it in the same bracket as two others I currently have :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like the beep that @Chiquinho stated as not all devices may not use the apps to be able to see the battery percentage. :slight_smile:


I was thinking the same.

This would be ideal

And of course my favorite Anker innovations brand is Soundcore! Soundcore for life. Soundcore forever. Long live Soundcore!!! But I also really like Nebula.


My nebula is yet to come haha. It’s supposed to ship before the end of the month.

What did you get?

I got the prizm 1 through the PU program (I think a lot of people did). I wouldn’t normally have gotten it (the specs are pretty limited) but the deal was too good to pass up.

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I have one myself that I got from one of the contest on the other forum and honestly it is pretty solid for the lumen level that it is at. I used it last year for Halloween for my windows to have them show a bunch of effects, but this year I used it in the backyard for some movie nights/sports.

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It’s only 100 ansi lumens, so it has to be fairly dark to use, right?

It’s also only 480p, and only has a 5w speaker. It also needs a media streaming device to plug in.

I saw your review. It was excellent!


Yeah, I usually have it fairly dark in order to be able to see it the clearest. The speaker is not to bad for a built in one, but an external fair’s a lot better for it.

That’s a great question! I actually stole this image from one of our company powerpoints, so this is possibly a product that never came to be, or a product that could yet be! Oooo the suspense :wink:

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We pride ourselves on that. Our hope is that with Liberty 2nd Gen we’re not just known for great battery life and good pricing, but also great, great sound.

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Interesting feedback! I’ll pass it through.