Annoying max volume noise on Spirit Pro's?

May not be a problem for others but on the spirit pro when you hit max volume it gives a warning beep. This would be fine if it didn’t have a 1 second silence at the end of it! If I press up on the volume 3 times it totally kills the moment in the track.
My Jabra headphones play a short beep which doesn’t interrupt the music.
Today i sadly lost my spirit pros which I really except for this beep!
Do all Anker headphones have this? What would you recommend as an upgrade to the spirit pro’s? Spirit 2’s?

I’m pretty sure the spirit X don’t do this…

That’s more a phone thing than anker/soundcore thing.

Whatever music app your using you need to check settings for delays

I don’t think you’re correct about this one. Some of my earbuds do it, and others don’t

Every pair of Soundcore earbuds I’ve had have done this, just got into the habit of maxing the volume before I start to play my music…

^this, I max the earbud volume and adjust my phone volume to fine tune the level for me.

Well personally I think it’s such a small thing to fix on future headphones and make a much better experience. All it is, is a sound file. The one they use was done by an amateur who left loads of silence at the end of the file. Anker, please allow me to provide you with a perfect -max vol alert- sound for no charge, just for the good of the universe. Contact me.
Anyway, I’ll be reporting back here on the Spirit 2’s when I get them.

Just to confirm that on the new Spirit 2 headphones (got them today) this max volume noise is a lot better and doesn’t have the second of silence at the end so happy days!