Another code for Life P3 ( only) expired 11:59pm 19th July 2021

Hi all,

Not sure if this code will still work or not, but if you want some Life P3’s at a 25% discount, and you are in the UK, you can try the following code –


I can’t guarantee that it will work, as it was a replacement code after I messed up, but please let me know if it did work for you, so I can update the post to let others know.



Nice gesture. Time is running out!

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wow youre just full of codes arent you :rofl:. again this is a really nice gesture and greatly appreciated

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If you have just found this post and missed out on the code I’m very sorry. I had no control over the expiry date of the code.

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:clap::clap::clap::clap: I still applaud your effort. Out of curiosity how did you get a second one

Well, what happened was I got the original code from Soundcore as I bought it in the pre-sale as I wanted to get myself a set of Life P3 in Dark Blue. So I added them to the basket in Amazon and added the code but did not complete the purchase because I found out a short while later that I had won a pair in the Summer Playlist Giveaway (over the moon about that). I thought that because I hadn’t completed the purchase, the code wouldn’t be seen as being used, but it was. I contacted Soundcore support and they supplied another code after I told them what had happened and I just wanted to share the code so someone else could hopefully benefit from the 25% discount.

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Ahhhhh that makes sense it was very nice of them to give you another code

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Yeah, they didn’t have to do that for me, but they are a really great team behind Soundcore IMHO.