Any ideas or tips for rodents in the hood?

This is entirely unrelated. I found out today that rodents have been nesting under the hood. Anyone have success with any deterrent? Short of a biological one (sorry, someone here is allergic to cats.) Its not really a food source issue as much as the recent cold weather, I think.

Seems you are talking about mice.
If there are no cats, I would not use any poison,
which could affect other animals.
Those kind of traps are useful.
But you need somebody who don’t mind to clean.

May be there are other methods to frighten,
but not sure those will work…

Mint oil is a good option. You just put it on cotton balls and place them generously where you don’t want the mice.

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Plush Cat toy may work (with mint oil sprayed on it as per @andrewGholden374)

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The mice will nibble that dummy cat.:wink:

I was about to say that’s so wrong to single out the good rats :rofl: but now I see your talking about under the hood, in which case those that roam the streets always tend to g ok underground at night :joy:

Ok ok I’ll stop, I mean I was born and raised in the hood so I can make and crack all the jokes I want…shoot here comes ronnie thinking I got crack since I mentioned it :running_man:


Try to use the Ultrasonic pest repeller repels both insects and rodents, scares away based on the sound frequencies only these rodents can hear… Like this

Being Soundcore (collective) Community… Giving a “Sound” advice :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Found some YouTube videos which suggest they can repel rodents away with specific sound… Use a Soundcore (or any speaker) and play it over BT

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Petrol and a lighter :man_shrugging:t2:

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Dont know if this really works.
They sell those things to keep away martens from the cars, destroying cables.

EVEN MADE BY ANKER! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I had such a fellow in my roof storage.
Solution : Klorix.

Those animals have a very, very sensitive nose.

Dont know if mice or rats react the same way,
but my little friend never showed up again.

Speaker :
One with “Hissing” please.:rofl:

And the fire brigade after! :rofl:

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I know some of those repellents will plug into wall sockets but I do not know how close her car is to his residence or if there are repellets that would work in a car without a plug in if not close to the house. So, you know if she has a fat max or Anker Powerhouse then she can use the plug in on those and run the repellent at night and recharge the devices during the day if needed.

These have a repel range of about 2,000 sq. ft, so good if fitted / plugged in car garage area.

Also there are battery operated ones available here

By under the hood I mean in my engine. They seem to like electric wiring (and caused a short which cost $100+ to fix last time.) I don’t want to pay that every month…

Thanks all for the suggestions!

I know what you meant, I was just trying to be funny


In case anyone is curious, I went with four sheets of Bounce and pepper sauce. We will see how long it lasts…