Any Musicians here?

How many of us audiophiles are musicians?

I play piano and sing.

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A long long long time ago I played the Flute, Trumpet, Harmonica, Bass Drum and Snare drum, I was learning to play the piano but the girl teaching me stopped as her boyfriend got super jealous. Pretty much after that I stopped playing all together and havnt tried to play an important thing since. Shame since I pushed it to the back of m and kind I cant even read music now…I mean I’m sure I can pick it back up if I tried, but no motivation to do so.

I enjoy listening to others play now.

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Started piano lessons when I was much younger but never really stuck, so now I just sit back and enjoy the music :slightly_smiling_face:

I gave an answer on another thread.
Dont want you get bored by publishing this twice.

Glad to have you with us!

I’ve been playing bass guitar for the last 40 years or so. I started off on drums but switched after a year or so after I realized that I couldn’t just “turn it down”.

As I mentioned on another thread…

I play piano and violin. Is also sing- chorally, not solo. I’ve studied music theory and composition as well.

I play Congo drums, the trumpet, cornet/soprano cornet (it sounds an octave higher than a normal one), bugle and a baritone singer, on a good day can sing falsetto.
Obvs, I can also read music.

Also years of being a sound technician.

Ooh, falsetto. I’ve always been complimented on my falsetto, because I can instantly switch between that, and chest voice- while doing a scale or something.

Except it’s more of a head voice then falsetto.

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@Chiquinho I’m playing a few pieces for an elderly group around Christmas. Other than Lilli Marlene, are there other popular songs from “way back”?

German music from this era? group, a friend who’s joke… Please no women’s voices, it distracts men

It’s cos if.just male singers, I’d do the woman’s part!

Now a days, I can’t do it, my throat is out.of training, plus I smoke 20 a day! lol

Bass Guitar and Saxophone here.

You may like Stan Getz!

Nope. I can’t sing.

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May be you can whistle! :smiley:

I have an acoustic guitar somewhere that I play once every 3 years or so.

Played in band in sixth grade but enjoy my kids who play the trombone and viola in the band and strings. Sons high school band is real good

***attempt to play

I play the jaw harp. Pretty specific and ecclectic instrument but i am actually really good at it :sunglasses: