Any news about a Q40 coming?

Hi folks,

as Sony released the WH-1000XM5 some weeks ago I wonder if a new premium NC over-ear headset from Soundcore (I guess it will called Q40) is ready for launch. Are there any rumours?

No rumours here.
Only discussions about offiacially announced or released products.


Is that your own personal rule for this forum, moron?

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That’s a forum rule. There’s no reason to resort to calling people names.


Please refrain from name calling on the forum it is really uncalled for as already stated



Disappointing to hear that’s a forum rule. I came in here specifiacally to find out if there’s any talk about a new over the ear model. I’m stuck because I need a new overhead and feel like there could be a new model, and with the rumored B&W PX8 rumored to be released soon I’m stuck between B&W, Sony XM5, and waiting on a new Soundcore

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You could try if you haven’t already :wink:

While I agree with you this community should be where upcoming products can be discussed, it is their policy to not.

Hence all the replies saying this-is-not-the-group-youre-looking-for-jedi-mind-trick