Any pictures or videos of the Life P3 in coral red?


did anybody see any “real life” pictures or videos of the Life P3 in coral red yet? I only saw the one on facebook by soundcore and they look a bit too orangey for me on there.

It was either going to be coral red or oat white for me, but with oat white not being available until end of July and me needing new in-ears :frowning:

I too was thinking about the Coral Red. My only worry is it will be Pinkish in person. I think there are 8 pictures of the Coral Red on Soundcore’s site here.

There is one reviewer on Twitter that seems to have it and posted a pic but no review yet that I have found for this color

There is a review with lots of pics of them in oat white also this is where I’ve been posting all the reviews found
Here is one from Instagram.

Thanks! And also oh no, they actually seem to be that “signally orange” - especially compared to the picture on the box right below it :confused:

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coral red in my opinion tends to often be a slightly orange red versus other red colors from what I’ve seen in the past not just with soundcore

I think this is what the coral red looks like but I think you will not get the true color of it until you see one in the store. You take in account the pictures and if how much saturation there is in the picture or view of that picture from say a monitor or your device.

Basically, you may not get the true depth or lack of depth of the color just from a picture.

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best bet would be either to order it see the color and return it, wait for people on here to buy it with more photos coming out, or wait for stores to start carrying and try to see if you can see it in person some how

Sure, but unfortunately, now where we have two real pictures of it, it’s likely that it’s actually more on the orange side. Which there is nothing wrong with, just subjective taste. I think a bit more yellow/orange in it isn’t even wrong, it’s also just missing the “pastel-ly” look coral colored things usually have (maybe could’ve given it a different color name and a bit less photoshop on the official product pictures though ;)).

Oat white for example is actually looking way closer to the product images in real life, even a bit better (in my eyes), they’re just not available yet :frowning:

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Orange can look red in the right lighting. LOLOL

Sean just posted a link to the live stream tonight I would tune in and see if they have the red color to show and possibly show it compared to other colors. Adam is really good at trying to help you understand how the product looks and feels without you being there yourself


Oh, nice. sounds good, will do.

If you not done this, I would do it right now as they will select winners today… Well sometimes they get slow on posting the winners sometimes as well.

So I would then at least wait until that time ends.

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