Any Questions for tonight's podcast?


Hope everybody is having a great week! :smiley:

I’m going to be catching up with grassroots musician Danny Gruff later this evening. He is about to record the new album for Dave Giles at the famous Abbey Road studios in London.

Does anyone have any questions they’d like me to ask on the podcast? Leave them below before 7PM UK time and I’ll try to ask them!


Hey Sean,

I know Danny has worked on some of Dave’s earlier albums. I would like to know a couple things in comparison:

  • being at Abbey Road, did you have a moment to take in all of the wonder / history?
  • were the preparations similar to previous recordings?
  • going into first rehearsal, how does the sound on the tracks compare?
  • any surprises happen during the process so far?

Thanks, and can’t wait to hear the podcast, and more so the album!


I am sorry that I missed this thread. I was running around getting my house ready for a decent snow.

It did end up showing 10 inches but luckily a powder snowfall.


You live in a beautiful place. It looks like a forester’s lodge.
Only a bear or a deer are missing in the photo :smiley:

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The Bear and Deer hang out at my house @sodojka . :laughing:

PS I completely missed this thread. I hope it was a good time.

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@Steve976 Even wild animals like your earbuds :deer: :joy: :bear:.

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