Anyone with Life Q35 experiencing intermittent pausing?

When listening to my Q35’S I frequently experience an annoying problem. I’ll be playing a song over LDAC from my downloaded FLAC library and out of nowhere and without a button press or any touch of the headphones, my music stops. Almost as if I were roving the headset and auto pause turns on. Except they’re still on my head. The issue is resolved when I press and release the play/pause button on the headphones or press play in the music app I’m using. This is a strange phenomenon. Not big enough to make me dislike the Q35’S. Infact I’m liking them the more I liisten to them. They sound fantastic and I’m really glad I waited for them to come to market. But I’m curious if anyone knows what I’m taking about with this issue I’m having.
Cheers guys!!!

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What happens after you reset?

Sounds like the wear detection is engaging. If you turn it off does the auto pausing stop?


I have not had that issue but have let my son use them for a few weeks while his q30 were sent off.

Can you tell us what you were doing when this happens? It may be an action you are doing such as you are laying down and turned your head.

I would do the reset and unpaired first. It will also be what they want you to do before they are sent back if it is an issue

I have had that issue. It ended up being the wear detecting. It did not intermittently pause when I have that feature turned off. It’s a nice feature, but I dint rely on it much since my finger is right next to the play/ pause button when I take them off. It’s easy (for me) to just hit the pause button at the same time.


I’ll try that. I didn’t even think of that to be honest.

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I’m simply listening to music. I prefer to listen to LDAC encoded music when wireless because of the immense quality that it allows. First I thought there was too much data being sent to my Q35’s and it would stop playing. Unfortunately it’s not the case. It does it while on any codec. One member said it was the wear detection feature, I have to turn it off still to try this method he provided. It’s so random I can’t pin it down to a specific situation. Another thing is sometimes they’ll start playing from where they stopped seconds later… Really a bizarre phenomenon. LoL. I love these headphones from their comfort to the almost audiophile sound the reproduce for the money they cost. Truly a great design. Of course as I write this reply the problem hasn’t occurred. LoL.

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Nothing. I get the same recurring problem.

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i had the same problem breifly at the gym as well. The movement detection needs to be improved.


I had something similar with a headset I have today, the wear detection got a little flaky until I power cycled the headset. If it keeps happening, report it to support. Perhaps something could be improved in the firmware, but Soundcore won’t know it’s a problem if nobody reports it.


correct, the more who email with the fault the more chance it gets noticed and attention to a fix.

It is logical for wear detection to cause unplanned pausing, and for the sensitivity to be tunable so limit false pauses.

Q35 is still their flagship over-ear so should be still able to get priority for firmware updates.

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I just want to update you on that intermittent and spontaneous pausing of the music. I guess updating my firmware (months ago) was what helped it improve. I also paid attention to how much the headphones moved on my head inadvertently such as a knock or bump that would jar them slightly. Seemed to also be tied how much data that was being received by the headphones from my phone on the LDAC codec. Again the last firmware update from months ago addressed that as well. Now if only they could make the transparency mode while covering the earcup on the right side. Reduce the volume of the music being played and boost the amount of outside noise coming in so just as to have a quick word or conversation with someone… Kinda like how the current market king of ANC ($ony arguably) headphones implemented into their current flagship model.
Ciao for now

Appreciate the update…

After a reset, of which there were plenty. I’d be dealing with the same annoying problems.

I’m curious if the issue was resolved with your Q35’s?

There was a firmware update that seems to have fixed the problem (s) it was issued a while ago. Haven’t heard any stalls or stops since.

Thanks for posting your reply.
That’s exactly what the issue seems to have been for me.

I’ve just upgraded to the Q35 from the Q30s (sent back after finding out ANC & EQ don’t work in wired mode).

I was just preparing to write a review on these and lo and behold I’ve also got the random pausing on audio tracks happening. I found this thread on a search and have the latest firmware update available.

The only way I could get this to stop happening is to disable the earphone on/off head detection from the app. Then, as I am writing this post, Soundcore customer Service emailed me concerning the previous issues, so I have just informed them also that this issue is still happening and I also have had to cripple a useful feature to prevent the pausing of playback. A real pity and I hope they can sort this out soon.

The issue with LDAC is that it requires so much data to transfer wirelessly that if you move around too much your headphones will disconnect. I’m guessing the audio tends to cut out when you walk out of the room without your streaming device too. I have yet to have this issue with my 35’s but I hope this helps you with yours

The only time that happened was because of the wear detection. I only had it happen once though. I shut off the Wear Detection and it stopped.

I rebooted them, reengaged the Wear Detection and it hasn’t happened again.