App 2.6.4 out now

Can’t see any new devices added since prior version.

So the Q35, and the Powerconf S500, and others not ready yet in the app.

I searched before posting, none had posted yet. :innocent:

If you’ve not got it yet, wait, often there is a phased release to check they actually fixed more bugs than caused, if you can’t wait then Android users go here, iPhone users tough, that’s a closed ecosystem.

I had to search for the app in the App Store and click on it to see that an update was available. FYI for anyone wanting to download before your phone does it.

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It’s getting more bloated each release.

Certainly on Android the bigger the app the more it forces other apps to close, performance worse on older devices. I do think all the Lum stuff needs pulling to separate app so those who can’t use it or not interested can efficiently ignore it.

Alrighty, I will see if I can update.

I can not yet. Will check in a few days. Not here yet

I will wait some time.