App 2.6.5 support for new hardware

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Thanks for the heads up on an updated version of the App. That being said I went on to the Android Play Store and they haven’t updated to the new version yet. I have 2.6.4 and it’s saying it’s up to date. Hopefully 2.6.5 will be there soon.

Android users can just get now.

I know there’s 20 testers waiting on postie who can now get the app to support their released products.

Note it is normally to do phased rollout of apps, its so if a bug was not found in beta in a phased rollout, it can be pulled when only a small % of production users have it. Wise.

But in Android you can always rollback, just download the prior version and install, so it’s hard to be bricked broken for long.

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Nice! Are they ready to release the Q35 finally yet?

They are doing a livestream tomorrow I think. It was said in the Core Update for this week

2.6.6 out just now.

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Due to the ToS nervous to show what the 2.6.6 shows under Liberty earbuds, I’d only say update and go look.

But 2.6.6 does exist on Apple, but not Android.

I have 2.6.6 on iPhone but no changes to the list so idk what’s going on lol