App 2.6.8 out Android

As far as I can tell from side by side the only difference is Flare Mini support added.

2.6.5 before


Do any Flare Mini owners want to test and see what’s there? Curious what you couldn’t do before now can…

If anyone wants this and not offered you can get here with the usual caveat this is not from the play store so theoretically more risk.


Thanks for the heads up. :+1:

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Thanks @The_Professor, just updated the app.

I don’t own the Flare Mini but I had to double check if it’s actually new for app support, this shows on Amazon

Which implies it didn’t have app support but now does, so what can you do now couldn’t before? Testers!

I just finished updating the app. Mine jumped from 2.6.5 to 2.6.8. Seems like they skipped a few numbers. :laughing:

Hi after update my custom EQs for the Liberty Pro, Life A2 NC and Life Q30 are gone / deleted / no more there. Only the actual EQ (which is stored in the device?) is still there.
Why does the app update delete my EQs?

2.6.6 2.6.7 were limited release / beta, I could see they existed but I couldn’t get their APK.

There’s very good reasons for this, alpha, beta, limited, full, so support isn’t flooded with many issues.

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Better EQ options so can’t be carried over???

Well at least you have heads up as much forward notice.

There are the same EQ options as before, but all user EQs disappeared (only ONE remains)

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[Edit: seems not true, need to login to save EQ]

Custom EQs are linked to your account. Sometimes post update my device signs me out of the app. If you had made your custom EQs while signed in to your Anker/Soundcore account, they are linked to your account and will re-appear once you sign back in.

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Hi Matt, thank you very much for your information.
I didn’t know that I can sign in to my account in the app and what advantage this can bring.
In future, I will sign in and hope the EQs are safe in the cloud.

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Odd, mine if logged me out immediately asks me to sign in.

Flare Mini for app will be a new upgraded version on Amazon. My older Mini doesn’t get discovered. I posted on Anker community but posting it here too in case anyone was wondering

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I wonder how they will distinguish them on Amazon so people know which ones they are buying

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We’ll have to wait and see but it could be like say the Boost [Upgraded]?


I hope so because without that I’m not sure I would trust the Amazon listing with the number of typos they sometimes have