App custom EQ for Liberty 2 Pro not working properly

Hi, I’ve noticed in the custom EQ for the Liberty 2 Pro that the Equalizer bands below 800 Hz work fine. All bands above however do not change anything in the sound. My ears are fine btw, I can hear a definite difference in all of the predefined EQ settings. Anyone else have this issue? Could it be a bug in the app?


You should try another player and its EQ and adjust the buds with that.
I dont use that app and I am fine with my EQ. (LINUX BANSHEE)
With Android I use JetAudio.

Give that a try and let us now it you hear a difference.

Thanks, however I use iOS with Apple Music, which also only has its own (rubbish) presets and no graphic EQ.

We all know it!

It seems Anker knows about this issue and promised a software update in about 2 weeks.

Same here with Android. I didn’t notice it until I read your post. I also can only hear a difference when setting 800 Hz and below. My HearID profile is set to enhance only high frequencies above 1.6 kHz and I thought it would work but in fact it doesn’t enhance anything!

How could I tell?
I used the custom EQ to set all bands to 0 and switched between my HearID EQ and the neutral custom EQ several times while hearing music. I couldn’t tell any difference. I even tested with some (painful) 10 kHz, 11 kHz and 12 kHz test sounds and I couldn’t perceive any difference. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
While doubting my hearing capabilities I tried my old wired earphones and played around with the standard EQ in Android (OxygenOS). I could definetly tell a difference when setting any of the EQ bands. So my ears are still good enough. :laughing:

I think it’s a general bug and relates to the Balanced Armature Driver which is responsible for high and middle frequencies (correct me if I’m wrong). Honestly, they sound incredible as is. I’m wondering if they could sound even better if the higher frequencies could be enhanced because that’s the result of my HearID test. :thinking:

There’s a new 1.26 firmware update and the issue is fixed.
There’s a subtle difference with high frequencies when using my HearID profile. It’s even more balanced now. :+1:

Weird. Mine says it‘s current at v1.22. No Update available? Last App Update is also 1 month ago.

Also - HearID for me is astonishingly useless. Either my ears are perfect (which I doubt) or the test is rubbish, because I can hear all tones down to the softest part so that there is no tweaking done in the end. Anybody else having this „effect“?