Apple Airpods Max Introduced

$549 is too rich for me but still something to look for in future

I don’t see many people getting this tbh. If you want to spend a lot on headphones stick with the Sony 1000 XM4


image 500 plus dollars and a new look for the headband. Not sure if I like it or not

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What is lacking in existing Soundcore this fills?

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Wow that’s crazy expensive and just not go for me

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It can easily drain out your existing bank balance :slight_smile:

Kidding aside, I like that it has transparency mode and ANC. Will see how good it is though?

Not really worth it.
Also this looks like a weak spot. Definitely not for kids.

It’s a computer render. You don’t know what it’s made of or what is inside the cup. If underneath is a ball and it’s a metal like steel connect then it’s not weak, that design is in your hip.


But regardless, it needs to do something uniquely new and required to justify itself especially at that price. What is uniquely new about this?

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LOL What if that was a magnet instead of a ball and joint connection (no, I do not believe it is a magnet) LOL I think I would hate the design a lot more.


I agree, the Sony’s probably sound better and are not as expensive

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I just realized that the battery life is horrendous at 20 hours only :joy: