Apple announces AirPods Pro

These Premium earbuds are set for release on Oct 30th for $249 :roll_eyes:

I like the transparency mode that will let you hear your surroundings while wearing them. What do you like in them and what you would like Soundcore to consider adding to their products.

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Once soundcore releases the update for the LP2 which will give them transparency mode, there would be no need for airpods…unless of course they address the mediocre sound too


Sure, why not save $100 when you get same features and quality?

They are starting to hit the realm of bose and sennheisser. When you do not spend all your time with sound, it shows in the finished product. Kind of skeptical how it turns out.

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Doesn’t sound all that impressive. I’d rather have the new Liberties that are similar in style.

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So intrigued.

The shape still looks like trash. I don’t think it will stay in as well as conventional TWS earbuds (such as liberty 2 pro) or even regular wireless earbuds like spirit 2.

The noise cancellation is a pretty cool feature on TWS earbuds, though not unique. Of course neither is transparency mode…

@Tank I’m sure the sound will be better, but I doubt it will live up to the price tag.

The battery is mediocre as well. The new liberty 2 pros have far better battery than that… i also don’t like the new case shape, but it’s inevitable due to the new eartips.

Oh, and I also noticed a few features that mildly reminded me of HearID. There’s automatic EQ, which automatically adapts the EQ based on your ear shape. Also the automatic eartip size test- which tells you which size eartips are best for you.


Found this little gem in the tech specs. It looks like it only works with Apple devices…

Quite possible that the “HearID” mockup tests will only be possible through specific Apple integration. E.i, it will be an app or pop up only on Apple devices.

And I don’t see USB-C in the specs…


As I suspected. Still a lightning cable… at least it’s USB-C on one end :man_shrugging:. But it doesn’t come with the USB-C block… sounds pretty “pro”

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Pic from Mashable… Funny :grin:


Shoulda seen that coming. No matter what Apple produces, people will come up with something stupid to make fun of :man_facepalming::roll_eyes:.

On a happy note…

This guy recommends an anker charger towards the end of the video :man_shrugging:

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It was actually one of Twitter user’s who posted… there are even better memes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Marques Brownlee already has them. He seems to be pretty fond of them, but I guess I’ll we’ll have to wait for his full review.

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Apple has a naming book - add “Pro” which adds $100+ to the price mark-up

Will stick to Soundcore for better quality and price :slight_smile:

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  1. They’re only $50 more
  2. On the iPhone pros, they didn’t raise the price at all

Liberty 2 Pro is $149, Airpod Pro are $249?

iPhone 11 64gb is $699
iPhone 11 Pro 64gb is $999

Am I missing something here? :roll_eyes:

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You comparing apples with oranges.

Airpods 2 are $199

iPhone 10S was $999

Those are the actual comparisons you should be using

we are comparing Apple to Apple for Pro – Apple introduced Pro only with version 11. So this is the only reference model for Pro comparison and not 10S.

You are indeed comparing Apples with Oranges here…

Airpod 2 cannot be compared to Liberty 2 Pro. Airpod 2 does not have ANC, No IPX4 rating, non customizable fit (ear tips), no transparency (though this will come later on Liberty 2 Pro), …

So you should compare a Pro with a Pro, that is Airpod Pro with Liberty 2 Pro… For now, this is the comparison, (conditions apply - features may change without notice – Soundcore will be better than the competition :smiley: )

As it is, though I am an Apple fanboy, I do love Soundcore for its features.

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Read what you said. Pro adds price to the product. The only price you can add to is Apple prices.

Now I’m not a fan of AirPod pros, nor do I think they will live up to the price. I’m just saying to you can’t compare the “pro” with anything but the “originals” or “v2”

Yes, I said Apple add the “Pro” to its products and add $100+ to the price, whats wrong with it? :roll_eyes:

All I can say is, Apple simply raises the price so high, which makes other vendors also raise the prices… making it too expensive for people to buy …

They sound like trash according to Quinn…