Apple announces AirPods Pro

Told ya they would be trash

Did you watch the review? He basically loves everything but the sound. He said they’re his favorite wireless earbuds

It’s like saying a person… “I like everything about you, except you” :crazy_face:

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Umm, there’s a lot to consider in TWS earbuds.

ANC, transparency mode, fit, connectivity etc.

Quinn said that they are the best wireless earbuds on the market.

They still work with every Bluetooth device.
But you are right they could have written that down in the description…

Edit: Just realized what you ment, oops sry

I think you understood what I meant originally.

But you are correct, according to Quinn, they work with android as well.

Like I said, they are trash. I dont care if everything else works great, if the sound sucks then they are trash.

Love that they finally have the changeable ear tips, but that price? Easy pass for me.