Apple is right to slow down older iPhones, here's why

There was an article here on SoundCore Collective for Apple being slapped with a fine… came across this article which explains why they had to slow the iPhones… I agree to some extent but not completely…

What are your thoughts?

All they had to do was let it be an option, or at least tell customers that they were doing this :man_shrugging:

Clear communication would have helped a LOT. Then people could choose whether to replace their battery or have a slower phone.

A toggle button to disable the slowdown would have been even better.

I don’t think they made the right call on this one.

Communicating is always good… They already have so many fine prints… adding few more lines could have saved all the headache…

On technical side, it was indeed a good decision…

Apple should have used better bateries that didnt degrade as fast as they did. My old store manager had his battery replaced twice within 1 year due to battery degradation, he finally brought a newer phone and still had issues. I dont get how so many different manufacturers could make phones, yet apples batteries degrade so much faster

ayyy lol that was my thread! loool

Interesting. Why Apple will use less quality batteries on a premium phone?